What Is Gullak Offer In Teen Patti Master App?

The Gullak Offer in the Teen Patti Master app seems to be a reward feature that functions like a digital piggy bank. Based on the image you provided, here is how the Gullak Offer works.

Teen Patti Master Gullak Offer

Automatic Earnings: The app allows you to earn a fixed amount — Rs.1 per hour automatically. This passive earning feature fills up your Gullak without requiring active play.

Break to Claim: Once you have accumulated Rs.10 in your Gullak, you can break it open. This action seems to release the accumulated money, which you can then use within the app.

Invitation Incentive: There is also an INVITE button associated with the Gullak, suggesting that inviting friends to the app may be a way to potentially increase your earnings or speed up the filling of your Gullak.

This feature adds an engaging layer to the gameplay by rewarding players not only for playing the game but also for simply having the app and possibly for promoting it through referrals. It encourages continuous interaction with the app, enhancing player retention.

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